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Pastis stafett i Brassac

POST production.
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In our editing, we above all do motion menus, trailers and add the sponsor signs to DVD projects. Our clients are mostly video producers or documentary filmmakers, so of course it is important that those who ordered or paid a portion of the production will be presented in the right place both on the cover, label and the content itself.

Brassac's eget band Shad d'Oc

SpeedEDIT hos K.I.T.S.

We use Speed EDIT from NewTek. It works well with HD, HDV, SD and DV, but also with files from Final Cut and Avid. We accept files directly from your editing via the hard disk, card or ftp. Tape works well of course ... Betacam, U-matic, DV but also Betamax, VHS, S-VHS, etc.

Brassac festen första veckan i Augusti

Five days of festivities in Brassac
Around the first week of August each year, there is the big village party of Brassac. The mayor and the doctor opens the festivities by inviting everyone a glass of Pastis. If a mayor and a doctor would attempt the same sort of village-party in Sweden, it would result in prison for everyone involved, but in Brassac it works great.

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We love Brassac!

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