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DVD duplication.
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We'll put your production on DVD media in small as well as large series. Small series in our burners and for larger numbers we press from glass master.


The label is printed directly on the disc

Individual packaging

Once the DVD is finished in our editing and authoring, we copy and verify each individual disc in our burners for the desired number of copies.
Sometimes you need a new production label, or maybe a new jacket or wrap we scan your pictures and format your text according to your instructions.
If you need to attach a booklet or a folder, we may print it for you and pack pack it along with the disc.
The label is printed directly on the disc, and you may verify color and layout so it matches your intentions. Wraps, leaflets, booklets and posters are printed on our color laser. We cut to size and install the selected package. We have lots of different types of DVD packaging. Black DVD boxes of standard dimensions, but also large or small, thin or thick, in colored or transparent plastic, cardboard, wood, sheet metal for one or several disks in the same pack.

Manual shrink wrapping

When the package with wrapper and inlay is ready when it 's time to put in the disc, while making one last check that the disc is verified and signed with a burner serial number on the back. Finally everything is folded in shrink wrap. This thin film acts as a seal, so you know that no one altered the material inside. A must-have on DVDs that will be displayed in a store. The seal indicates that no one had been there and picked out or changed the original content. Shrink wrapping are quite a few moments, but we have a manual packaging machine that makes work easier and gives us additional time to admire your production and our craft. After shrink-wrap, we can continue packing, putting every DVD in padded envelopes, address from a list, and distribute them directly to your end end user, or extract batches of DVDs in cardboard boxes that we send directly to your distributor's various field offices.

Le Pas du Rieu, 81260 Le Bez, France
Tel + 33 563 73 34 00
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